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Privacy Policy

- RolGold's Promise to You
- What this privacy policy does not cover
- Privacy law
- Collection and use of personal information
- Cookies
- Disclosure of information
- Links
- Accessing personal data
- Security
- Changes to this privacy policy

RolGold's Promise to You
This website is owned and operated by RolClub, Under company of RC Network trading as the RolGold. We take your privacy seriously, and to protect it we comply with the following principles. Any information you supply for our online services will only be used in accordance with this privacy policy.
By providing us with your personal information, you agree to the collection, storage and use of your personal information by RolGold. in the manner set out in this privacy policy and the customer terms and conditions for the relevant service.
In order to make this document easier to read we have contained the information under a set of headings. Simply click on each heading to read the policy relating to it. Click it again and the text will disappear.
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What this privacy policy does not cover.
This policy does not apply to the practices of companies RolGold. does not own, or control, or contrant or to people RolGold. does not employ or manage.
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Privacy law.
RolGold. complies with the Data Protection Act 1998. This privacy policy meets the standards and guidelines contained in the Act.
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Collection and use of personal information.
To provide you with our online services, we need to collect certain personal information about you. Some of this information is collected directly from you (for example, e-gold account number), some is passed to us by third parties and some is recorded from your activities related to this site. Details of the type of personal information that will be collected and how it will be used are explained during the transaction process or contained in the customer terms and conditions for the relevant service. Please also read the section below relating to cookies. We will not use your personal information for direct marketing purposes.
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This website does use "cookies". A cookie is a file saved on your computer that stores information about you and your activities.
Other companies' use of cookies is subject to their own privacy policies.
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Disclosure of information
RolGold. will not sell your personal information or otherwise disclose it to a third party without your consent, provided that we may disclose it to our suppliers if necessary for the operation of an online service.
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This website links to other sites. This website also embeds content from other websites. We make every effort to provide links and embedded content to high quality, reputable sites. However, we are not responsible for the privacy practices of these sites and they are not under our day to day control. We cannot accept responsibility for their use of your data, the site content or the services offered to you by these sites.
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Accessing personal data
You can also contact us to ask what personal data we hold about you by sending an email to We will then provide you with a readable copy of the data we hold about you.
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Security is of primary importance to RolGold. We have implemented technology and security policies, rules and measures to protect the personal data that we have under our control, both on and off-line, from improper access, use, alteration, destruction and loss.
Our online services are protected by SSL 128 bit encryption. However, unless your Internet browser supports 128-bit encryption, you will not be able to take advantage of this level of security. Microsoft Internet Explorer 5.5 (and later versions) and Netscape Navigator 6 (and later versions) support 128-bit encryption. If you have an older browser, encryption strength will default to the highest level supported by your browser. Security upgrades for some older browser versions are available.
Off-line, all of your personal information is kept securely. Only employees and contractors are granted access to personally identifiable information and then only if they need the information to carry out a specific authorised task. The servers that we store personally identifiable information on are kept in a secure environment.
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Changes to this privacy policy
RolGold may amend this policy from time to time. If we make any changes we will notify you by posting a prominent announcement on this website.
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Thank you for reading our privacy policy - we hope it has fully answered any questions you may have had about how we collect and use your personal information.